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FoGG Management Committee Meeting
7.00pm on Wednesday 3rd October 2012 at the EDT

1. Welcome – attendees Trevor (TC), Denise (DF), Lisa (LG), Jacqueline (JB)

2. Apologies for Absence, Eileen Conn, Veronica Ward, Vicki Osmond, Christian Fleming (CF), Fr. Charles Richardson, Paul Highman (PH), Steve Walsh, Natasha Soare (NS)

3. Minutes from MC – 18th July 2012
* Accuracy all ok.
* Matters arising – noted below

4. FoGG Accounts/Funding etc. DF and CF to finalise. CGS funding secure and DF in contact with Dagmar Tolen of the CGS team. DF will submit invoices for payment to the London Wildlife Trust for NS work running the playground gardening club along with project costs and planned activities. These include seed and bulb planting.

Due to a personal issue for CF, DF offered to take the role of treasurer and LG take the position of Secretary. This was agreed by the MC members present. DF would continue to do minutes and notices and LG would continue to administer the website and membership. DF will arrange to meet CF and do a handover of FoGG accounts and paperwork asap. The signatories on the FoGG bank account will also need to be updated.

5. GG Playground, gardening club, mural - Mural repair has been done (Tags removed). PH please confirm that the sacrificial coat worked or was the offending paint removed somehow? DF had made contact with Stan Peskett ref paint codes and he forwarded the request to Remy ?, a local artist who worked on the mural repair back in 2010.

A number of repairs are due in the playground and these are being monitored by Robert of the parks dept along with DF and PH. This includes the timber bridge (phase 1) and the new surfacing needed behind the wide slide in the mound area (phase 2).

6. The Green
* Thames Water drain covers – PH advised that Thames Water had been onsite and that agreed work was slow but underway. He will keep them on their toes.
* Falling branches – tree works started in August for pruning, removal of branches,etc… This will continue and be monitored by PH. DF to contact Southwark Tree team to ask about pro’s and con’s of plane trees and possible changes when any new planting takes place on the green.
* Update on fence repairs and painting –Original repairs have been done and PH has scheduled some additional repairs. FoGG to try and organise a community day for fence painting and PH will supply all materials. TC to advise.

*A locking gate by the roundabout will be put in and PH to provide a key for FoGG to only use for access to events on the green. The MC had a discussion around possible other gate options, but this item will be shelved for now.
* Bulb planting session and /or plants in May 2013 in existing beds on green. PH will get list of summer plants and wild flower seeds (balloon popping with seeds for kids) Ongoing with NS.

7. FoGG website – Updates as and when needed. Outdated items to be checked by DF and new contact info to be added/updated by LG.

8. FoGG Flyers - Have been reviewed and new contact info to be posted on website and in noticeboards.

9. Plans and future projects – A number of ideas are to be checked out.

* Carol singing in December by the mural with Locale or Café on the Rye involved for refreshments. DF to action.
* Easter Treasure hunt
* Community day for Planting and painting.
* Year 6 leavers party on the green end July 2013. Possible Community Fund application. LG to action.
* Silent disco/Big Dance 2013 on green. TC and DF to action.

Next meeting – Open to ALL FoGG Xmas do 5th December 2012, 7pm Upstairs at the East Dulwich Tavern.

Friends of Goose Green, C/O 17 Adys Road, Peckham, London SE15 4DX

Chair - Mr T Cunningham, Secretary – Mrs D Fulgoni, Treasurer – Mrs C Fleming. Email: