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      Date: 16-08-2011
     Title: Friends of Goose Green Minutes 11 May 2011
Minutes from the latest Friends of Goose Green management committee meeting.

Management Committee Meeting – Minutes
Wednesday 11th May 2011, 7.30pm Goose Green Centre

1. Welcome

2. Attendees – Trevor Cunningham TC, Denise Fulgoni DF, Christian Fleming CF, Lisa Godfrey LG, Steven Walsh SW, Paul Tanner PT, Natasha Soares NS , Veronica Ward VW,

Apologies – Mark Newell, Eileen Conn, Mark Collins, Jacqueline Baker JB, Vicki Osmond, Ursula Allison, Michael Doble, Local Councillors due to Community Council meeting.

3. Minutes of MC 2nd Feb 2011 – (note MC scheduled for 30th March cancelled)
a. Point 4 – Awaiting Southwark banner and signage policy – DF to follow up
b. Point 5 – Budget cuts update attached from Rebecca Towers with new parks organisation.

4. FoGG Funding – DF to include an administration cost in the Lottery funding sustainability grant to supplement our existing funds along with the monies raised from 2 cake sales £230. Fence on the green needs repair and DF to looking into funding options, Vieola, etc….

5. GG Playground Report – All complete and an excellent launch event. Expenses and receipts sent through to Southwark and copies to CF (Treasurer). On-going gardening club expenses to be sent through for reimbursement.

6. May’s Dulwich Festival Fair report – DF passed on concerns about litter to Angela Burgess including the carcass which was left behind and the trench that was dug for the sound system. The consensus was that this was the best fair so far.
Need to get details of upcoming events on the green from Southwark as we have not been getting notified.

7. Possible future projects – 1, Gate at the roundabout end of the green, Stiles with a recessed access. 2, Repair to the mosaic in the playground. JB passed on contact details for Southbank Mosaics who are willing to help.

8. GG consultation – document sent with AGM minutes.

9. A.O.B. – Possible FoGG Postcards with SW artwork and/or Bugs and plants from green with Natasha’s help. DF to get print costings.

10. Date of next meetings July date TBC & 14th Sept 2011

Friends of Goose Green, P.O. Box 58832, Peckham, London SE15 4YA
Chair - Mr T Cunningham, Secretary – Mrs D Fulgoni, Treasurer – Miss C Fleming.