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      Date: 12-12-2007
     Title: Cllr Noblet statement
Goose Green Update December 2007 Statement issued by Cllr Noblet

Statement issued by Cllr Paul Noblet

It has become apparent that many local residents have been unhappy with the installation of the new fence that effectively divides Goose Green in two, with the design of new entrances into the space, and with the layout and design of signs and bins.

The Council has consulted extensively on all of these issues. The majority view expressed through the questionnaire and at the public meeting was that the new fence should be removed and that the Green should not be sub-divided at all for a trial period. The Council has resolved to remove the fence for a trial period of six months. In arriving at this decision, the Council is trying to reconcile the (sometimes conflicting) views of various stakeholders and interests groups including people with children, dog walkers and local residents with an interest in the history and management of the Green.

At the end of the six month trial period a further review will be undertaken. A further series of options will be considered, including (but not necessarily limited to) the installation of a new fence (in keeping with the current boundary fence) at a position to be agreed to create a dog exercise area. This will only be enforceable through the creation of a ‘Dog Control Order’ local to Goose Green to define how dogs and dog owners use the site.

During the six month period and in order to inform its future decision, the Council will carefully monitor the use of the site including:

• The number of Fixed Penalty Notices being issued in respect of dog fouling
• The number of complaints received about the new layout and management of the site
• The Council will also instigate a number of responsible dog ownership initiatives over this period.
If you wish to comment on these proposals, you can contact the Council through the following channels:

E-mail (Parks and Open Spaces Manager) (Community Outreach Officer, Parks)
Paul Noblet, Acting Executive Member for

Ward Councillors Cllr Peter John,
Cllr Jenny Jones,
Cllr Veronica Ward,
Phone Environment Contact Centre – 020 75252000



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