Friends of Goose Green

Our Aim: To protect, conserve and enhance historic Goose Green in East Dulwich, London for all local people.

In May 2007, local residents in East Dulwich and Bellenden formed an organising group to set up a Friends of Goose Green (FoGG). The group was awarded a small grant from the Camberwell Community Council for this, and is working with Southwark Council on a number of issues. A constitution was adopted and a management committee elected at the Friend's first annual general meeting on the 5 March 2008.Goose Green in the Autumn

STOP PRESS: Christmas is coming...

You are all invited to the Friends of Goose Green Open Evening 2012 Upstairs at the East Dulwich Taven on Wednesday 5th December from 7pm.

Join us for a relaxed evening to chat through what has been done in 2012 and our plans for 2013.

Come along, have a glass of wine, and catch up with other locals and users of the Green.

Please RSVP to

For information on Goose Green Centre visit


Goose Green Children's Playground

One of the most recent projects for the Friends of Goose Green has been the ambitious and successful re-development of the children’s playground, which completed in Summer 2011 to great acclaim from children, parents, residents and our local authority Southwark.

Goose Green Playground Phase 3 Design

Over just short of three years, by achieving funding to the tune of £250,000, and pooling the determined teamwork of the Friends, Southwark Councillors and Local Authority, Green Dreams - the designers, Marsden Road Wildlife Garden and the community as a whole, we have realised the goal of refurbishing our local playground to a stunning standard we only dreamed of. Without doubt the Goose Green Playground is now a destination venue for children and families, and the volumes who turn out to enjoy it, come rain or shine, week day or week end, are a testament to its success. We hope the community will enjoy it for many years to come.

The Grand Opening Party on Saturday 9 April 2011 was a great day for all celebrating the culmination of everyone’s hard work. See more photographs on our Gallery pages and review the journey to our new playground on our News pages.

The Times Article about Goose Green Playground - 13th August 2010 Page 1

The Times Article about Goose Green Playground - 13th August 2010 Page 2

Coffee on the Green

Those gasping for coffee, tea, hot chocolate or soft drinks whilst at the playground, will have been pleased to notice the new coffee wagon that parks up outside the gate on Friday afternoons and weekends. We are delighted that the Café on the Rye owners secured the wagon and now refreshments are on hand for those busy periods at the playground.

What’s next...

The Friends of Goose Green have considered pausing for breath after the monumental and collective effort of achieving our playground dreams, but new ideas and proposals are always welcome and we are looking forward the next era for our Green.